My favourite painter

The title to this post may sound rather like one for a primary school essay, but then, that's the way I felt about the grand old man of Indian art. Picasso of India Dies, flashed Times Now as I waited at the lounge of CORE.

When the first time I walked past a lowered shutter in Town, opposite the David Sassoon Library at Kala Ghoda, my heart stopped - an MF Hussain horse head painted on it in one bold stroke. Needless to say, the classic head was impossible to miss. The mystery of Kala Ghoda was finally solved in my head. That, for me, became a symbol of perhaps the most accessible and self-righteous celebrity painter ever to be born.

And today, he breathed his last.

Hussain, they said, had kept very ill lately. He was in London to to treat a lung infection, said a relative.

It will be interesting to see to see the the report on his burial. I wonder if his soul will ache or laugh at the controversy. Gulzar sa'ab was quoted saying, "The country will repent that this happened outside his land."

Until last night, Titli Daboch Li Maine from Minaxi played on my laptop. This morning it will play for a reason. Who will adore movement the way he did? Who will put it into strokes on canvas like his? Who will love the Indian woman his way? And who will paint horses like his now? And his red Ferrari?

There is a print of one of his paintings at office. I know of another painter who considers Hussain (incidentally his name is Gossain) his guru and inspiration.

Koi Sachche Khwaab Dikha Kar....

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