88th birth anniversary

Today is my Nanaji's 88th birth anniversary. Had he been alive, he'd have been flummoxed by what I do. Annual Reports without touching the financials?! How is that possible, he would've asked.

And probably raised his brow at facts like I've spend two 45-minute sessions in the midst of the founding Chairman of a prominent bank+NBFC that has just completed 25 years, and plays a prominent role in many a policy framing of the country. He would've asked, what's the office like? Can you see the sea? Good furniture? The art would not have interested him. The size would've.

And he would've found it totally unbelievable that I've had copious (conservative copious, chal na) cups of black tea too. We shall gloss over the details.

And when he'd've seen my company's logo on the back cover of another FMCG conglomerate's annual report, he'd've given a satisfactory nod.

I will never love him. I will never forgive him for how he treated my father. But I learnt what not to be in life. Happy 88 dada...

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