Landmark Month!

This might turn into one of the most significant months, and perhaps even years or times for good. Not, I have yet to begin my book. I wouldn't say my career's taking off either. But some things are falling in place. I've said my final goodbyes to a few, and I'm about to say HELLO! to some others. The right people are being valued, the right people are a seemingly right person is being evaluated. On what parameters, now that is for me to see.

I am still not sure how high I should set the bar, or what should be my criteria, but the mildly pleasant feeling has not left me yet. And yet, as Nidhi puts it, तुझे चार दिन जो अच्छा लगे वोह पांचवे दिन पसंद आना बंध हो सकता है.

So the contemplation continues...

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