On reading

The past week has been a roller coaster. I met a guy through the pseudo-traditional matrimonial site, contemplated marrying him, found out in the nick of time that he and I were not only mismatched, but also belonged to two brilliantly separate worlds. That was interesting. Since when did men become excellent decision-makers?

But i'm still trying to figure out what is worse - that a guy says up front that he doesn't read, that he doesn't manage to find the time to read, or that he finds reading BORING? And therefore, does that make all of us who read lesser mortals or simply redundant?

I mean, here I was, practically changing my wardrobe after Bridges of Madison County's Francesca Johnson because she got to be photographed by a Robert Kincaid. Leave alone the romanticism and tragedy of their love, but merely to be appreciated by that one man, through studied vision... in the most exotic locale... like a modern fairytale without a happy ending. Heck, who wants a happy ending - I want a stimulating conversation! To which I can add something meaningful, or derive learning.

Think about it, after having socialised with the likes of research scholars from the best institutions in the country and abroad, after knowing people who travel the world and know the insides and outs of how the planet functions, oh for god's sake - having been a writer and an editor (and therefore, primarily a reader) myself, how does anyone expect me to tolerate a non-reader?

When there is such limited reading (or the complete absence thereof), where will there be the element of ambition to explore new worlds - in terms of thought, in terms of activities, in terms of destinations? How will he know when to be really nasty I call him a Nazi? Will it even strike him as remarkable when I suggest Berlin or Rome for a vacation? And he will be so lukewarm when I mention a bike ride across the Konkan, or spending the afternoon cooking together or reading poetry at Prithvi!

Uf! no no no no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


mon-e-mukhorota... said...

Love it Piu...so true!!! have come across dozens of such people by now.

NADIR AZIZ said...

Agree with most of what u've written, my dear... but isn't it also true that opposites attract? Love truly does make us blind u'know - tho it might not be a sustainable world to flounder in!

'Firaaq' ne khoob hi kaha hai:
"Wohi ishq rehmat, wohi ishq shaamat,
Wohi zinda kar de, wohi maar daale."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

@ Sulag, I think i might end up writing a book about my woes about people who don't read
@ Nadir, ishq ki baari hi nahin aayi :)

Sushmita said...

You are underestimating the Nazis girl. I'm sure they're better.

Piyu said...

he he he... arre chaar kitaab padh leta toh woh gaali ki bhi achievement samajhta :D