I can’t get over my bag. No shit, seriously. There’s just enough space, and plenty of compartments for keys, a wallet, sundry bits of paper (train coupons and post-its ok!), the handy spruce up kit,  a can of deo, the office diary and other stationery, my iPod and phone, a blasted umbrella!

I’ve been desirous of a new portable storage space for a while now, but finding one was a challenge first – thanks to the Annual Reports season, and then finding the right bag is, as always, the biggest matter of chance. But I quite like my find.

It’s the perfect brown. It’s got the right amount of embellishments. The brand emblems aren’t beyond belief and god it’s so me! The studs are adequately matted, the chains work fine, the stitching is neither too shiny nor too old looking. It’s the perfect new old-looking bag. Here, have a look for yourself!

That's the new find, on its first day at work!
Bought from the high streets of Bandra (which Arunav so loves enunciating with stress on the ‘ban’, as if he could ejaculate on it) – streets nevertheless – this as one of those unexpected little joys (or cheap thrills) that Bombay doled out. And I’m not one to waste time on browsing six shops and looking at three hundred pieces, so this was even more brilliant.

Enter shop.
Look around.
Ask to look at two.
Zero in on one.
Bargain for ten minutes while looking at the next shop expectantly.
Begin to leave.
Finally pay half the quoted price and buzz off.
Linking Road rocks.

This bag will probably go down in my list of one of the loveliest cheap buys off the streets of Bombay. The first I remember was that pair of yummy chappals (Berkenstocks in white) and then that fantabulous first pair of skinny jeans (bought two more on this trip too – only, also tried them before parting with the price I’d’ve paid for half a pair in a Levi’s store).

But the significant difference was that this time there was no selling, not even an element of it. these street seller types have all become gala arrogant haan. चैय्ये तो लो वरना कट लो. I mean, क्या यार... but then I recently also read online about the Vero Moda opening sale where there was a kilometre-long queue.

What is the shopping world coming to?

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