Earthlings all

It is very hard not to notice all the REAL celeb junta that frequents the theatre hub of the country at Juhu. Mostly because of the understatedness, but every once in a while, because of the ADD afflicted minority that must go "Hi daahling! Missed you at someone-insignificant's house warming..."

During my first stint in Bombay (and this precursor will probably precede a lot of my posts to come for a while because I've been infected by the then-n-now bug), the only times I went to Prithvi was to watch plays. The luxuries of lounging, sitting and working, reading poems, critiquing others', etc. was seldom an option. It was always too out of the way.

And now, I'm discovering the tiny pleasure of taking time off work and just sitting there a while - reading, plugging in my music, taking in the sounds and sights of pseudo and serious, veteran and aspiring theatre personalities. It has become my meeting point. The 20-buck addictive chai makes it an inviting meeting point. To be able to occupy only as much space as you need - the stools, the cement benches, the chairs are all share-able.

You can choose to walk down to the beach on a rainy afternoon, or to the many cafes and restaurants around for a meal, or even to the church close by for evening mass.

So when do we meet next@Prithvi?

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