Tequila Pro!

I can't be bothered with preludes and introductions to this post.

I can finally down tequila like a pro!

Well, perhaps not a "pro" pro, but at least I know it's overrated until you attempt the second one. I had an introspective little chat with Jayanta on my bus journey to Churchgate yesterday. He asked me if I've always been such a दरुबाज़. But that was a silly thing to ask - no one's always been a बेव्ड़ी ! But honestly, you can never be a real connoisseur of दारू unless you have the moolah, lack of money limits experimenting. So I began earning middle of last year. But a beer-"barred" town can suspend all aspirations alcoholic in nature. And then came Bombay. By the time I had "arrived", I was fed up with the Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers and Mojitos that the city offered.

The next step was to either get onto classy cocktails or shots. Jha got me started on the cocktails, googled the wines, and Gaurav's blog was a realization in all things spirited. Now I just needed someone who'd guide me in the art of an evening out with pals over a couple of drinks - which left me wondering who'd be "safe" to pair a shot with. After disasters galore [considering I don't get tipsy yet end up doing something stupid intentionally or otherwise], I was the diligent pupil in waiting - the Eklavya raring to find a willing Drona.

This is where enters our rockstar of drinks - Al-Ok. Really, life does seem all ok when he puts things in perspective. His perspective of course, which comprises a straight line and zero ideal situations. This is probably a guy who believes in the "enjoy the orgasm if you can't escape the rape" philosophy. Works for me.

Our man n I met after what seemed like ages, after crossing paths once post my shifting to the land of reclamation. Sports Bar at Phoenix blurted out and the fella  agreed. *see how easy it is to get a chap to meet you. Give him sports and दारु*

A green apple vodka-sprite down and some inanities later, Alok announced, "I need a tequila shot!" To which I evening-dreamed away in the other direction. Then I was asked if I'd be game for one. "It's a wake-me-up!" I confessed I'd never done it before. He gave me a look of I'm-not-asking-you-to-do-grass-girl-!

The procedure was explained and the deed was done at the count of three. I was not headed for doom yet. SO to Alok I turned and said, "What?" He instructed me to wait. And then what happened was miraculous! It felt like I hadn't gone to work that day; like a beam of the first light of morning was about to sneak in from the entrace. I was fresh as spring (and my breath mildly stank from the spring-onoion-&-garlic-chicken)!

But I'm never doing it with anyone else. Ok All?

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