High Street [and while we're at it- Low Space-Little Air-Disparate] Phoenix

Fever barely gone a few hours, cold still lingering, Nishant n Nishant decided the old gal needs an outing. After what seemed forever in the cash line (well, I spent all that time merely sitting somewhere on the shop floor - all tired n dizzy - with a woman who shouldered the mantle of redirecting people to the actual end of the line... which, my dears, is a terrible place to start at a sale).

I'm at the phoenix mills big bazaar. It's supposed to be the year's most inexpensive 4 days. Kids of mostly middle class folks are picking up absolutely anything they like n the parents look almost powerless-they're succumbing to these childish demands like they can do nothing about it. These kids should be made to earn just a month n then come here n shop. I just saw a TROLLY full of only cold drinks. Crazy litre n 2 litre bottles of coke n pepsi that looked like a tv campaign for the two joining hands or some such rubbish.

There's a man in front of me talking on his expensive HTC phone - he's travelling to singapore tomorrow. Not even a while ago, his wife ranted away about how some kg of rice n sugar is being distributed free with 5 kg of oil. The irony lies here- there are expensive food joints all around, hoping some of this crowd will spill into their traps too. Quite the contrary. We've never had it this easy getting a table at Maroosh. Despite all the Muslim n Parsi junta all around.

And I've never caught sight of so many outsiders - non-bambaiyyas in one ground. All vying to stock up for a couple of lazy months ahead. सब सड़ जायेगा सालों! It'll all pass expiry before you even touch it!

This is the Indian mall.

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