Strokin’, Clarence Carter

Have you ever made love just before breakfast? Asks Clarence Carter, among many thought provoking (or plain provocative) questions. Strokin’ is a late entrant in my new-found love and list of numbers from the ’70s and ’80s.

A romance that began with another less lasting, (though as engaging and stimulating) has reached a plateau; a stability in taste for Hawaiian Shack’s ground-zero hits. It may not be unusual for people with innate rhythm to enjoy retro sounds, but for a graceless musician with two left feet [also embarrassed of the fact] this is nothing short of a feat.

Bawdy a.& n. humorously indecent

To many, Strokin’ falls in the category of bawdy. But heck! It’s the song that found a new audience for Carter’s otherwise suffering career post the advent of the 70s’ disco.

A rhythmic comment on the most evolved post-Industrial Revolution reproductive organisms, Strokin's its desperate voice that avoids that very basic function sans compromise on coital pleasure.

Strokin’ is fresh-off-the-shelf slam poetry. Club that with disco beats, psychedelic lights, gold body suits and finger-pointing-arm swinging diagonally up ‘n down and you get for the uptight, self-obsessed urban male, a most detailed guide on how to go about… Strokin’!

When I first heard the song, I smiled a blissful I-wish-that-could-be-smile to Carter’s next hard, long, soft, short enquiry, how long has it been since you made love, huh?

It’s a song that’ll leave you sassified

If you’re 32, it’ll bring back memories of your 23rd birthday...
If you’re 23, you’ll have instant recall of last night’s goodness.
But if you’re 32 and male. It’s gonna slap your bed failures in your face.
And if you’re a 23 year old guy, Strokin’s you bible, baby!

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comingtoterms said...

clarence wrote this song when he was around 48-49 yrs. just a piece of info :-)