Bad Day

Yesterday was rotten; by far, one of the worse days at office. I wanna thank Mummy here, for bringing the workplace into perspective for me. No, I didn’t speak to her or anything, but it’s something I learnt from her over the period of our acquaintance or a year and a half.

Don’t bring work home.

And of course also thought of her later in the evening.

Here’s an excerpt of my gleeful chat with Neel this morning:

Priyanca: something wonderful happened last evening
Neel: ?
Priyanca: after leaving, i just switched off my cell and was expecting to cry it out or sleep- in the bus and then
once i reached hostel, some more
instead i remembered i had my crochet to finish
so i did that
Neel: so can i see it?
Priyanca: and then i reached hostel and....

[then i rattled off my entire day's crap to the poor chap]

i went to my pal's place
cooked pasta
and we drove all the way to haji ali juice centre at half past 12 and had their strawberry fruit cream (it is yummy personified)
life is too blissful to call even a bitch this morning
Neel: :)
Priyanca: you should try the Haji Ali Juice Centre ka fruit cream man...
it beats any, i mean ANY dessert any day
it's so good it's not funny

I first had the delectable fruit cream at the IT guest house at Somer Villa just a couple of blocks away. I couldn’t do it much justice thanks to the sumptuous food there and the absolute lack of space in my tummy. But all that’s changed thanks to Nishant. When I’m eating with him, my tummy seems to miraculously expand to accommodate everything on the platter. Half a dinner after dinner and then the fruit cream helping to top it. I really didn’t think I’d be able to finish it. But the fresh figs and the fresh strawberries… But for Ma, I’d’ve never ended up sampling the delicacy ever.

I’ve wanted to get back there for ages, but never had inclination, or it just never happened for some reason or another. And the shop’s huge, not missable. And it’s right there at the Haji Ali junction. How can you ever pass the place without either gobbling up some of that godly fruit cream, or at least packing it for a romantic night ahead? They’ve redefined strawberries-’n-cream into a whole new dimension.

The effects of the dessert have been overwhelmingly miraculous. I’ve been thinking so positively and the day’s been progressing on a note of absolute optimism. All of this to result in my raking up courage enough to send some blah draft of a direct mailer to my boss, face him after yesterday after all the shit he gave me, and even coolly hand over work to the department biatch.

Even chocolates that the company union distributed today – which I thought was crazy – cheered me more. The ostentation could kill you; everyone is bubbling with joy about it around here… but that, my dearios, is another topic.

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