Finding acco in Bombay

Day1. Ew. Thru broker. Totally trying to shove his dick up my arse. Turned me off instantly. The place itself was like the owners thought it was their last resort. 1bhk. The bedroom had just enough space for the cot, closet n table n chair. The living room was sparse. Obviously the mother and daughter need the money. The daughter works for the hilton at nariman point. They're muslims. If the house were larger I woudn't have minded it. It was constricted though. We'd have kept bumping into each other all awake hours.

Day2. Masi has been trying to 'help' all morning. I'm feeling PMSy. I need to sleep. I need home. I want daddy.
Going to see a house in a while at lokhandwala market. It's a shared 2bhk. There's another girl staying there.
Not bad. Airy, bright, small rooms but spacious. I dunno why the lady's being so dildaar though. She paid a lakh for deposit and expects me to shell out only 25k. Also she negotiated rent. Very fishy. Whatever. I'll give her a call tomorrow after I see Karan's place. That should gimme some clue. It all seems darn bleak right now.
And masa said again this morning, that I could stay here so as long as I liked. Do they not talk? Masa n Masi? One keeps trying to kick me out n the other keeps saying soothing welcomes. There's no consistency, I say.
Today's a hot day. Significantly so. I'd like nothing better than to change into my salwar kameez and sleep. Lunch can go for a hike.
I also considered the hostel as an option, but it's too far n I'll  never end up with dinner. Also an hour's commuting to n fro each, everyday sounds killing. Not my cuppa tea. Tomorrow I go look at a flat that a guy wants to share and one other that an old lady would like company. I'm hoping that'll be different.

Day3. Acco found. Well, escape found. And an ideal one at that. Something ferpect to show the masi and mother and the world at large. Lahar Joshi was wrong. It didn't take me months. Or may be I am lucky enough. Yes, the company of the old lady turns out to be my fate for now, and I'm not complaining. There was warmth. There were smiles. And a lot was left to the winds. So there.

My 'struggle' for a place to crash has not been stretched beyond imagination. I will survive out here after all. Hurdle number 2 also overcome after Hurdle 1 (living in masi's territory). Hurdle 3 - changing numbers now.

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Parth said...

Every time I go back to India, I am surprised with the rent prices in Bombay, specifically Andheri since I lived there for two decades since the early 80s. Good luck with finding a place.