Aditya Roy Kapoor says food makes him feel sexy. Except the fact that I knew I was adding another mm, on both sides, to my now-showing love handles, I know what he means.

The friend I met last evening went on and on about how hot some girl or the other was, yesterday. Then it happened. I caught hold of the long-handled spoon on the side of my frappe and dipped into the mound of cream. The steel emerged with a nicely peaked curiosity. His eyes followed the brevity of my fingers' grip, from the tall glass to the tip of my lips. I couldn't help but chuckle inside, how not only his nasal yakkety yakk ceased, but even his eyes fell silent.

And it was only after the cream melted in my mouth, that conversation resumed.

Not for long, of course. I like the power that food has over people. Whipped cream. Melted chocolate. Cookie crumbs. :D

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