Cheap at Half Price

My own version of the Jeffery Archer title.

Bombay freaks me out!!!

I recently committed the crime of being clad in a green kurti and jeans with purple hair clips.  When it was brough to my attention, I casually dismissed it, "Do you actually expect me to care?" The response was both, overwhelmingly daunting as well as ridiculous. "Why the calssy pair of jeans then?"

The word "classy" echoed in my ears like those Ekta Kapoor dialogues - Mai tumhaare bachche ki maa banne waali hoon... maa! maa! maa!

I almost smirked, is this what you call classy?!! Thought it to be pretty tacky.  At some point I'd almost vowed never to put it on again.  No, it has no embellishments or noticeable flaws, except that I thought it was a tad too tight n low at the waist.  Of course, one doesn't mind a 400/- buck spending being stashed away in the dark recesses of my ever undone closet.


That word still rings in my head like the last swear word a loved one used for me.
I have religiously worn the pair at least three times a week since then. To office.  In a city I find every next guy in the local train ticket line at the Bandra station to be a glitteratti aspirant, I've been accepted at too low a price.

Not complaining.  Next purchase in clothing: more sasta slim fit black/ gray jeans.

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