At a Meeting with Boss, Superboss, Parag 'n his Boss

Shit. I've been noticing blackheads and white heads. On the faces of men. I thought I was idle-obsessing over Neenu - jobless as both of us were and distracting as his daane are. Either it is a genuine new 'interest', or my attention span is weaning. Writing poems during meetings, doodling, interspersing long monologues from the three grey-heads with doubts or silly, childish questions... Yawning.

Staring at people's shoes. Shoes, just shoes. Period. And hair. Jairam's is quintessential Mallu curls. Sajeev has happy, wavy "set" hair. Imagine it slightly longer. Almost hippie-like. Mr. Morada's... is crinkly. It's crinkly, thin, long on top and neatly trimmed at the back.
And where Satish's is the neatest, most appropriate, most suitable for his age-position-personality-style, one must see Parag to believe how untidy-yet-cute a guy can look. I have a feeling he puts gel in his hair to make it look that messy. Then there's Vijaya and Yogita who have pan-Mumbai hair-dos. Neat, functional, nothing fancy.
Sanchita's is a standard new-in-Bombay-cut: well conditioned and taken-care-of, but can turn pretty bad given a chance. Oh, and she wears the cheap Nariman Point- inner road- wayside shop-sandals. Thick sole, inadequate heels, all puffy and dusty and plastic. The straps, tacky; broad; out-dated.

Heels. I'm obsessed with those as well these days. Height is highly (pun! pun! pun!) underrated.

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