Prayers & Mothers

The month of August has been nothing short of eventful. From catastrophe to serendipity, it has given me the proverbial new life that Indian Monsoon is said to bring. One struggle was finding a new house. Having been written off as being too picky and having too many criteria, and being indecisive over and above, and coming across some of the worst maintained and most over-valued living spaces in Santacruz, Khar and Bandra, a couple of nights ago, I sent off a mass message to 16 people:
'Pray for me. Don't ask why or what just do.'
A whopping 14 came back saying they did. A few couldn't resist the temptation of asking why and some got worried also, but here's the thing, I must be darn lucky. they all responded in a hopeful positive. A couple followed up immediately or the next morning. One had a wise one to crack as well. Funnily enough, the idea was to not jinx what good may have been coming by saying it too often or jumping the guns or counting my chickens before they hatched or whatever, but in a fit of anger I did end up slapping it upon my current roommate's face when I was pestered and driven up the wall. Yes it has been two of the most excruciatingly painful and anxious days of my time in Bombay so far, but all the prayers, I'd say, paid off. I paid the token amount for the new place I'm moving into on Sunday, and have the weight off my chest finally.

So what's special about the place? It's a dilapidated old 3-storey building with no lift and the house is on the top floor, not to mention crammed and what will be my room, rather like a hole. So why clamber about such a place? Because of the roomies. Now, perhaps, I'm jumping the guns again, but my first interaction with both was full of laughter and empathy. They were not just sweet, but real. Who, after all, lives with a grumpy douche if one has the choice?

If you're wondering where do mums come into the picture? Well the day after this mass message was mom's birthday. And she said that Dida, one of the people whose prayers I believe to have significant power, told her about the message. She concluded simply - 'beta, remember,' she said, 'god helps those who help themselves, and you help yourself phenomenally! You'll always succeed.'

They say blessings from elders especially on their birthdays are nothing short of divinity itself at work. I concur.

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