7 Battles of May

May is not a fun month in India. Or for that matter, any tropical country. The climate is by no means pleasant and tempers tend to fluctuate without little or no warning. Mine may not have been very different from others', however, they had original touches and interesting twists!

  1. Moving Base.
    Location: Tier 2 to Big City
    When: May 13, 2013
    Fight: Employment documents; cats; time; LBT strike
  2. Cats.
    Location: Western Suburb
    When: May 13 to May 25, 2013
    Fight: To let them go out or not.
  3. House-keeping.
    Location: Same as Above.
    When: May 15 to present, 2013
    Fight: Agent says speak to handy man; Handy man does not receive calls; Carpenter loses estimates; Building Secretary raises objection to changing piping for water force improvement (read: some in exchange for non-existent)
  4. Commute.
    Location: Western Suburb to South of the City
    When: Mornings & Evenings; First week since joining, 2013
    Fight: Bus or Auto? Bus or Train? AC bus or direct route? Fast Train or Slow?
  5. Work Place.
    Location: South of the City
    When: Recently, 2013
    Fight: OfficeBitch on laziness overdrive - I was to replace her old seating and storage space yet to be emptied of her remnants
  6. Weather.
    Location: Big city
    When: Yesterday
    Fight: Rains
  7. Time.
    Location: Big city
    When: Everyday
    Fight: Work? Socialising? Pets? Groceries? Shopping? Reading? Beauty regime? Dinner? BREAKFAST?! Sleep?
However, I see that as the days go by, the creases are ironing out, and a smile, some patience and irreverent following up does the trick. Then again, you can't control everything. For everything else, as the famous tagline goes, there's MasterCard!


Slogan Murugan said...

Mumbai is a great place to work. Spend all the time at work. When tired, go home same old unmade bed.

Priyanca Vaishnav said...

Yuck, the bachelor life ain't for me man! i need my bed looking pretty, and the bean bags stiffened for me to plomp on with a glass of wine... sigh... the good life :)