Some DIY fun!

I enjoy my share of DIY activities - and creating chapbooks - whether a little picture storybook or a collection of memorable quotes and writings from one's favourite writers. Here are two projects I undertook during 2012, that struck a chord and carried a distinct imprint.

Leveled Chapbook - Birthday gift to the boy

This one was a collection of lines from my own poems for him, his favourite books & songs, and quotes in general that ring with him, about things that he and sometimes I are passionate about.

The material: Basic art paper or handmade paper, coloured felt pens, a ruler, glue & pencil. I also had some stamps & stamped flowers handy 

I stamped the top & bottom of the pages to give an elegant customised touch without cluttering the page.


Picture Story Book - Secret Santa gift at Work

This one was a quick fix, and one of those ideas that come to you in the grogginess of morning dumps on the pot. Anonymous gifts were asked for and I had nothing ready for the D-day. And the idea of anonymous gifts was mine in the first place!

I made simple Warli art inspired line drawings fused with elements from the comics of my younger years
Again, the material remained more or less the same. Art paper was replaced with a sheaf of newly acquired handmade paper from Pondicherry's Handmade paper factory & centre pinned to hold together
Thankfully, since I'd already sketched on the pot, it was only a matter of tracing or copying the illustrations onto the book with roughly done margins for frame.

These illustrations are going onto my bookcase as slightly larger versions painted on a warm ochre yellow soon!

Then there are times when one just doodles to keep the sketching skills oiled!

A little window fun @ work at my previous office - yes it's a cat peeping into a cummode :P

And some wearable DIY!
I thought this was a fabulous DIY jewellery idea. Spotted this folded & glued newsprint at Kasha ki Asha in Pondicherry.

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