Not your typical day

This is not even a typical day at work. Not that all days at work follow any particular pattern. There is no routine, at least here for me. Especially now that my copy partner has left and I have no one to make a rut with, I do as I feel, I feel the moment and act upon it.

So this morning. It was different in several ways. I am still in the middle of anticipating a boil over from the boss. Which means I’d better watch my moves and make sure I churn out better stuff than usual. Chase excellence and make more effort to understand the nerve of the client and write accordingly. Yes I fucked up royally. But what’s more important and worse is that I had little or no gumption to admit my fault. Was it completely my fault even? I don’t know. Because some of it wasn’t.

Gosh I’m really straying. Back to now. Neither the internet nor the intranet network is accessible. What does that mean? It means neither work, nor the usual play can happen for at least a while. I can’t retrieve work files to continue stuff I may have started yesterday or work I must refer from the past. I can’t listen to the songs I have stashed away in my folder either. It’s all barred.

For a change, even if just to kill time, I say yes to the chaiwala, who conveniently forgets to give me change for my tenner. Bastard has a notorious reputation. I have sworn I’m gonna get him barred from coming here. I am.

For a while now, I’ve been feeling less and less sympathetic to these kids who resort to such menial jobs to eke out a living. They’re learning how to steal, not so much hard work as oversmartness there really.

The other day i posted something to the effect on my FB page and all hell let loose. Suddenly i realise opening one's mouth to voice an opinion is next to blasphemy. As if the right wingers didn't already have problem enough, even the non-politicals and idealists have their issues. And so the keep-mum policy works brilliantly. Of course, then no one knows what you think, and those who care just try harder to read you. Eyes, twitches, hunches and finger twiddles.

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