Sure there are things more healing and wholesome than chocolate. I do not know of any though. Call me an ignoramus or just stubborn, but really, what can stand tall in the way of a hard bar of dark chocolate, bittersweet, hell, like life itself! And have you ever seen a man, woman, old or young, resist the ultimate temptation for long?

This show on TLC has captured my rapt attention every evening after I'm back from work. It's called Choccywoccydoodah and profiles the daily exploits of a creative confectionery by the same name in the coastal town of Brighton that delivers custom-designed wedding and birthday cakes of every size and theme imaginable. I have never attributed my 'devotion to something afar' [god, my obsession with PB Shelley and my prospective tattoo are taking over] as when I do to this hour-long show. Choccywoccydoodah takes you through the motions of client profiles, the designing, the hard work of melting and etching and carving slabs of chocolate into sculptures of awe. Their goal, the beholder must go, "wow!"

Not many of us remember our first trysts with chocolate. No one really cares about its damn history either. But isn’t it amazing, when whether you’re pmsing, or need to get out of break up blues, or want some after-dinner मीठा, and chocolate suddenly acquires gargantuan dimensions of eminence in the scheme of things? So I’ve decided to put down five of my favourite chocolate desserts with which my spirit soared when the going was good and sailed me through when times decided to act tough.

Before all of you pounce on me, yes yes, Tiramisu’s prime flavour is not cocoa, I’m aware. It’s only the side spike along with liquor skirting the strong incense of espresso soaked cookies slathered top ‘n bottom with heavenly cream. But as are all things Italian, aphrodisiacs are integral to our Miss T as well. The chocolate is not invasive; it’s just that light banter that verges on flirting with your palate whilst sending your senses on a gastronomic frenzy.

Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream
This is a dessert I would never forget for I only had it in Hyderabad. The Cream Stone at Banjara Hills whipped up these dollops of rough, creamy and heavily textured Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream with roasted peanuts crumbled for the extra effect. I believe both Baskin & Robbins and Scoops have the flavour, but they’re not quite there. Of course BDC (in thick Dharam pa’ji accent) became a staple for many a late night jaunts at the township with my roomies. Sushmita and I have walked eons since – she has a marriage for a milestone crossed, me a new city, and we still miss each other over the lecherous BDC!

Chocolate éclair
For long enough, Chocolate Éclairs made my post-split closure. I was even superstitious about it and never touched it until the end of another heart-breaking romance. The teenage therapy has now become a sacred affair every time I’m in Baroda. Goodies’ restaurant may have begun to suck big time, but their confectionary and bakery still rocks with the thick chocolate dipped palm-sized light cream stuffed pastry.

I think every Delhiite swears by Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge sundae with its insane toppings of roughly chopped peanuts cannot be had enough of. When I was first taught to have this ice cream, the principle to keep in mind – 10 seconds in the microwave and let it melt a little before you begin the feast! Now I just can’t have ice cream in its stony ice-crystal-ly form.

Chocolate Cookies
Subway probably made chocolate chip cookies ‘world famous in India’, but Hide-n-Seek brought them to the bag and haversack of every college-goer, budget traveller, and kiddie lunch box. They made it the go-to midnight snack for every hostelite inn her/ his rich days (read – the first three days of the month). And then of course there came the biscuit variants with Desire and Milano and now Oreo making it to the top of the elitist chocolate biscuit charts. And then humble old me chances upon a sidey confectioner at JM Road whose name I remember not, and decides to pick up a pack of chocolate cream cookies and voila! These turn out to be the mood lifters of the subsequent few days for both occupants of the office cabin along with friendly nibbles for those who care to visit.

Even as I wrap up this little missive about the to-die-for grain, infinite images of god awesome chocolate lendings come to mind. The chilli chocolate bar of which I had copious cups melted in milk, with Neel, and the Death-by-Chocolate at Chocolate Room and the chocolate mousse I devoured at Brugge’s early this week… Oh! Stop me!

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