Auto Pilot

The autos - it always boils down to the auto rickshaws. Unwilling, stubborn, obstinate, vain and lazy! Not themselves, of course not. What renders them so wonting? Povery, greed or just the absence of fear? Three just passed me. The drivers looking askance. She doesn't wanna go home? What's she scribbling that's more important than reaching home in this weather (it was pouring)? Doesn't anyone see the plainly writ "I've had enough" across my face? How's it so invisible? So not apparent and obvious? my godsend asked me to wait right here.

Another auto just passed; slowed by; stared; curious bastard. Fuck you bitch! I feel a curse surging. Shhh, says another voice.

A hurting woman. Devoid of love. I hate this whole business of rceiving favours and not returning them. Hate... hate, hate...


Neeha said...

Your rants are funny..Lol..
Keep bloggng,take care

Burrow-dite! said...

Thanks Neeha, glad you enjoy them :)