Nobody does it better, Carly Simon

Nobody does it better is not one of those songs that strike a chord with you immediately. It’s a context-song. It’s what you listen to repeatedly among many songs, and then one fine winter afternoon, just begin to treat as “your song”. It says all that you want to say… it wishes for you… it even mourns for you, and then praises the love of your life. Just the words…

The Spy Who Loved Me may not have been the most well-known or even the most popular of Bond films, but none of the other Bond OSTs beat the melody of NDiB. The song conjures not a feeling of having been composed for the film, but quite contrary – as if the film was conjured around it (although how Roger Moore could give anyone any competition is still a mystery to me - Brosnan, why weren’t you born sooner?!!).

Where NDiB lacks the general techno-ness of other Bond OSTs, it makes up on technical prowess of composition. The harmonies, the crescendos and falls... No wonder then, that it went on to being nominated for the Oscars that year for Best Song.

The Mozart-inspired Hamlisch ‘Golden Single’ may have found top places in practically every chart it entered. Way after the weeks it stayed there, it’s also flagged a special place in the minds of those of us who heard the number much later.

This is probably the “cleanest” post-first-time-sex number I’ve come across. It’s the kind’a song you associate with making love, actually. I’d probably start with it and then go on to You Can Keep Your Hat On, Smooth, You Sexy Thing, Strokin, and The Heat is On. I recently sent it to someone for a love-filled-éclair moment over the email. Wrap up your day with this croon for a love hangover morning-after!

…cuz… nobody does it better…

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