Kya Chutiyapa Hai!

 I’ve spent the last eight years of my life studiously avoiding all contact with the nostalgia of the "good ol’ days" of school, only to ram right into not one or two, but four of my oldest school acquaintances. Twako’s always been a constant so she doesn’t count, but the other four…Gosh!

It began with Mital writing a bulkmail to some of us oldies asking if we’d (be willing to) make it to a reunion cuz she’s coming to India and the woman wants to kill time. “Crap,” I thought. Who the fuck wants to meet so fucking soon after the relief of finally not having to see each other EVER AGAIN? Not realising it’ll be a whole decade in another two years, of bidding goodbye. I made some fuck-all excuse and wiggled out.

 In the meanwhile, I bumped into Anand Mehta in the train! “WOHOW!” I thought to myself. The bugger wanted to have a conversation in the frikkin train. Man! Me crouching on the upper berth (his upper berth) while he conveniently tilted his head up slightly. I made the mistake of not changing my cell number after giving it to him. Every weekend since I’ve had to invent new excuses to avoid meeting him.

 Ujjwal managed to add me to his gtalk list in the interim though. This was two months ago. We’ve chatted ever since, ever fucking day. Barring Sundays, of course. This, after zero contact all through undergrad, PG and more. Incidentally, oh lord, a couple of weeks back I gave in to Anand’s invite, and boy, that was a mishtakey.

 Parin Sutariya’s chat applet popped less than a week back. The choot is so fuckin sweet – he even admits to not knowing what to say, and so not pinging. But it felt good to pick up from nowhere in the air.

 The surprise of all surprises sprung when Kanika Singh’s chat invite broke my afternoon siesta at work last week. We were to meet on Sunday morning. The biatch diatched moi.

But the excitement hasn’t ebbed…

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