An Evening That Never Was, And Might Just Be

Have you ever seen the stars light up on Marine Drive- the few that do show up- when the moon's absent, right before the dawn breaks, with the whole queen's necklace sparkling, giving you the hope that some day one of those diamonds will sparkle in your beloved's eyes?

Have you ever sat at Under the Banyan Tree and thought this is where you'd've liked your first date to be?

Have you been to the Mocha at Churchgate and sat on the largest table with only your girl at it and just cracking inane jokes and laughing your head off over an M&M shake?

Have you ever sat at Bandra Promenade at 2 in the night and thought you could listen to the music of the waves forever... and make music of your own... an alaap from Malkauns that turns into Summertime...?

Have you ever walked from Churchgate to Colaba to the Taj/ Gateway back on Colaba Causeway to Theobroma, nibble at some chocolate indulgence, move into a cab, and make out as you head back for a private room to follow things up?

Have you ever walked through Dadar Parsi Colony late in the evening and smelt the October Fragrance and had a "haaaaa" moment every time it finds you?

Have you ever (/been) bought the biggest bunch of ANY white flowers across the Not Just Jazz by the Bay and felt so elated about it you thought you didn't need any particular person to be in that state of being in love?

Have you seen a movie at Regal or Sterling and kissed the neck of the girl sitting right beside who you might just have the most amazing evening with, or might just get slapped?

Have you gone shopping at the Fabindia in Fort and ended up making out in the changing room cuz no one cares there?

Have you gone visiting Jehangir Art Gallery to see crazy modern art and ended up explaining or being explained something and then actually liking it? Follow it up with a cuppa chai at Samovar and memorabilia s/he will never forget?

Bombay has just so much love in the air you'd have to be two to take it all in.


prashanth said...

You are one accomplished cartographer of romantic Mumbai. :)

`` said...

I'm guessing that's a good thing? :)