The count is going up rapidly. I've been noticing more n more people whose shoe sizes, in proportion to their heights, are, well, not proportional. So many men who're tall as hell but have feet of dwarfs. Terrible! I feel like a giant in their midst! A giant with a gigantic foot.

How do they carry themselves? Don't they fall? The bulk! And their poor little feet! Some of them even look shrunk. :(

And the aesthetics are all skewed. Broad shoulders, lovely long fingers, beautiful torsos, daddy-long-legs even, and then the feet. They are a more pitiable sight than an inadequate other size.

It's not even a disorder, or a handicap (I care two hoots about political correctness). It's not like they don't walk properly, or walk at all. Some of them jog, and a lot of them do more.

So what's the point? Duh! Just told you! I've been noticing a lot of these weirdos! Even that's under scrutiny these days, kya?

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